Dr. Bhooshan Kelkar

About Dr. Bhooshan Kelkar

  • Dr. Bhooshan Kelkar has professional experience of more than 20 years.
  • Currently the trusty of Chanakya Mandal Pariwar and Director of MoebiuSutra Consulting.
  • For three years he was the “Country Manager” for University Relations for IBM India /South Asia.
  • He has been with IBM for almost 13 years, 7 in the US and 6 in India.
  • Dr. Bhooshan holds a B.Tech. from IIT Bombay (1991), MS (1992) and PhD (1995) from the UK- both on full scholarships, along with a Bioinformatics Certification (2002) from University of California and a Certificate in IP Law (2008) from Watson Research Training Center, NY.
  • He is the inventor of 16 US patents in multiple technologies. His other 20 patent applications are at different filing stages in US, China, Taiwan and India.
  • He has been named the “IBM Master Inventor” for 2011-14. Dr. Bhooshan has designed/delivered courses in Universities in the UK, USA and India.
  • He has delivered sessions on IP and its importance at various places- nationally and internationally. Dr. Bhooshan is also an invited member on the FICCI-IPR Committee and currently working as the “Program Architect” for “Multiversity Innovation Course” (mentored by Dr. Vijay Bhatkar and Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar), a 45 hours online course (2015-16).
  • Dr. Bhooshan has edited/written 10 non-technical books. He is the author of 2008 Marathi best seller book “Swadesh”. He has also written books on Resume Writing. He is a visiting faculty at institutes for competitive examinations (UPSC and MPSC). He has been a faculty for “Train the Trainers” on soft skills for 189 colleges of University of Pune. Dr. Bhooshan has been interviewed by ‘All India Radio’, TV channels such as ‘Zee Business’, ‘IBN Lokmat’,“Vyas Channel” of the UGC and at many public events. Dr. Bhooshan has done column writing on career enhancement and employment.
  • Dr Bhooshan has obtained MBTI certification from NY in 2011 and has publications and filed US patents in the area of use of psychometry and social media analytics for team building, OD and HR. Dr. Bhooshan was also a faculty for Maharashtra Police Academy soft skills training in 2010 &11. Dr Bhooshan has done corporate trainings, conducted faculty development and study skills for students and career counseling sessions using various techniques such as psychometry, Mind Map, Six Thinking Hats and TA/Johari Window. Dr Bhooshan has helped many firms (biotech, IT, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals) and individuals in innovation from incubation stage to IP protection. Dr Bhooshan specializes in consulting on innovation and IP. He has conducted many “Patent Mining” sessions resulting in IP and its monetization that can have immense impact on business brand, company valuation and market differentiation.

Courses By Dr. Bhooshan Kelkar

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UPSC Online : August 2020- Zoom Sessions

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UPSC:GS3 - Science & Technology

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UPSC : GS Special Course by Avinash Dharmadhikari Sir

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