Concessions, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. For this purpose we have designed and provided courses which are suitable to meet the needs of the students. As Chanakya Mandal is committed to providing at the lowest possible price. This is to facilitate preparation of students from financially challenged backgrounds.


If you cannot afford to pay the fees mentioned for particular courses we will considering giving you concessions or some other form of financial aid. If you wish to apply for the same please follow the steps given below

Please mail your request on ‘‘ with the following details:

  • Subject of the mail: ‘Application for _ (Concession/Installment) for __ (Course Name)
  • The mail should contain the following details:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Mobile Number
    • Interested Course
  • Whether you are ex-CMP student ? If yes, which course and year ?
    • Total Fees of that course
    • Why do you need concessions or installments ?
      • Your occupation / Family member’s occupation ?
      • Your, Family Income
      • Any other details.
      • Interested Course
    • How much can you pay ? How you plan to pay the remaining amount in future
  • After you send the mail, you will receive the reply in next 1-2 working days. After receiving the reply, proceed as instructed to you in the reply.
  • If you do not get a reply within the time frame, please call Prasad Sir on 9890359005 (Between 10am-6pm on working days)

Cancellation Policy

Once a student is enrolled for a course the subscription cannot be cancelled.

Refund Policy

Once a student is enrolled for a course the course fee is non-refundable.

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