• Russian President Vladimir Putin has stressed that, Russia adheres to the “two-state solution” to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

What is Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

  • It is one of the most enduring conflicts worldwide.
  • The conflict started with the Israeli occupation of West Bank and Gaza Strip, and has now reached in its 54th year.
  • Several attempts have been made for resolving the conflict as a part of Israeli–Palestinian peace process.

Historical Background

  • The conflict has been ongoing for 100 years between Jews and Arabs for a piece of land between Jordan river and Mediterranean Sea.
  • During 1882 to 1948, Jews from across the world gathered in Palestine. This movement was called as Aliyahs. In 1917, UK got control over Palestine, as Ottoman Empire fell after World War 1.
  • After UK’s control, Balfour Declaration was issued with the aim of setting home for the Jews in Palestine.
  • However, during that period, Arabs were in majority in Palestine. Jews supported this idea but Palestinians rejected it.
  • Then, Jews claimed Palestine to be their natural home alongside Arabs. Jews got support from international community.

Vote for separate states

  • In the year 1947, United Nations voted for Palestine to be split into separate Jewish & Arab states with Jerusalem as an international city.
  • This plan was accepted by Jewish but Arab side rejected it. Thus, the plan was never implemented.

Current situation

  • Israel still occupies the West Bank but pulled out of Gaza. UN still recognise that piece of land as part of occupied territory.
  • Israel claims whole Jerusalem as its capital, while Palestine claim East Jerusalem as the capital of future Palestinian state.
  • As a result, tensions are often high between Israel and Palestinians who are living in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem.

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