• Recently, the scientists have developed a bio-decomposer technique called ‘PUSA Decomposers’ for converting crop stubble into compost. 


  • Delhi and many other North Indian States are covered with smoke during winters due to stubble burning in the neighbouring States by the farmers.


PUSA Decomposers:

  • The decomposers are in the form of capsules made by extracting fungi strains that help the paddy straw to decompose at a much faster rate than usual.
    • The fungi helps to produce the essential enzymes for the degradation process.
  • Benefits:
    • The decomposer improves the fertility and productivity of the soil as the stubble works as manure and compost for the crops and lesser fertiliser consumption is required in the future.
    • It is an efficient and effective, cheaper, doable and practical technique to stop stubble burning.
    • It is an eco-friendly and environmentally useful technology and will contribute to achieve Swachh Bharat Mission.

(Syllabus Points : GS3 Tech in Agriculture, GS1 Air Pollution, GS 3 Indigenous Tech Development)

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