• Recently, the final user trial of 3rd generation Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) NAG was carried out successfully from Pokhran range in Thar desert (Rajasthan).



  • NAG has a minimum range of 500 metres and a maximum of 20 km, depending on the launch type
  • Nag variants (Range): Prospina (500m-4km): Prospina, the land version meant for infantry, can be launched from a tracking-cum-launch vehicle known as NAMICA (Nag Missile Carrier).
  • HeliNa (7-10km): It is a helicopter-launched version of NAG with an extended range. The launch system is mounted on HAL “Rudra” helicopter using “Rudrastra” twin-launcher system and HAL Light Combat Helicopters.
  • NAG is a fire-and-forget, lock-on-before-launch missile. The missile locks target before its release. The missile operators first locate the enemy tanks with the help of thermal imaging. After identifying the target, a thermal reference image of the target is captured and locked into the Nag’s seeker system.
  • There are only two other fire-and-forget missiles in the world that can be compared with Nag — the American Javelin and the Israeli Spike. While Javelin and Spike are lighter missiles that can be carried by a soldier, Nag is more powerful as its infrared seekers can’t be jammed. Nag’s indigenously developed imaging seeker and high-tech guidance system make it jam-proof.


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