• Kalbelia dance is a folk dance of Rajasthan state of India. It is well known by other names like ‘Sapera Dance’ or ‘Snake Charmer Dance’.
  • Kalbelia dance is particularly performed by a Rajasthani tribe called ‘Kalbelia’.
  • The popularity of this dance is so much worldwide that Rajasthan’s Kalbelia dance andsongs are now in UNESCO’s representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from the year 2010.
  • In Kalbelia dance, males play various traditional instruments and females perform a dance. Kalbelia dance is one of the most sensuous dance among all Rajasthani dances.

Kalbelia Dance Evolution

  • Kalbelia dance is a dance of Kalbelia tribe of Rajasthan.
  • This tribe is a community of Rajasthan which in ancient time known move frequently from one place to another rather than staying and building their homes at one place.
  • Kalbelia tribe people are known to have the main occupation of catching snakes and trading snake venom. They are also called Sapera’s or Snake Charmers.
  • Kalbelia folk dance is performed by females on the tunes of Been on the occasion of joy in the Kalbelia community. There is no any organized training system or school, manuscripts, and written text to teach and learn Kalbelia songs and Kalbelia dance. This folk art is transmitted from generation to generation.

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