The World Health Organisation (WHO) praise

d the efforts taken to contain the

coronavirus in Mumbai’s Dharavi.

It showed that if administration, media, civil society bodies, people

etc. collaborate together

  • even difficult tasks can be handled effectively.
  • Strong focus on community engagement and the basics of testing, tracing, isolating and treating all those that are sick
  • Important Role played by frontline workers
  • brought in private practitioners to create an environment of trust for people to come out and report symptoms.
  • proactive screening with the assistance of private doctors and community support helped it in the fight against the disease.
  • Combination of efforts taken by the civic authorities and the local participation
  • Approach to tackle the virus was focused on four Ts – tracing, tracking, testing and treating
  • door-to-door screening in high risk zones and all suspects were identified
  • Police are using drones to make sure people obey the rules

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