Why in news?

  • The Allahabad High Court has expressed concern at the misuse of anti – cow slaughter law in Uttar Pradesh. The UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act prohibits the slaughter of cows and their progeny in the state, with punishment of up to ten years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh.

Courts observation.

  • Credibility of evidences submitted by police are questionable.
  • Whenever any meat is recovered, it is shown as cow meat without being sent for forensic analysis
  • Accused persons continue in jail for an offense that may not have been committed at all
  • Whenever cows are shown to be recovered, no proper recovery memo is prepared and one does not know where cow goes after recovery.
  • Violation of fundamental rights of persons.


Issues with stray cows

  • Goshalas do not accept non-milking cows or old cows and they are left to wander on the roads.
  • Owners of cows after milking, leave the cows on road, eat garbage, drink sewer water etc.
  • Cows and cattle are menace to traffic on road and many accidents occur due to them.
  • These cattle wander here and there destroying the crops.
  • Whether cows are on the road or field, their abandonment adversely affects the society in big way


Way forward has to be found out to keep them either in cow shelters or with owners if UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act has to be implemented in letter and spirit.

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