Course Curriculum

1.Introduction to syllabus and previous year UPSC questions FREE 00:32:21
2.Various aspects of national security FREE 00:16:09
3.National security objectives and planning for national security FREE 00:16:18
4.India’s Geopolitical location and strategic challenges today 00:16:53
5.External security challenges from China and Pakistan 00:19:00
6.Integrated and comprehensive national security 21st century (Part 1) 00:16:06
7.Integrated and comprehensive national security 21st century (Part 2) 00:18:25
8.Challenges to Integrated National security Part 1 00:20:03
9.Challenges to Integrated National security 01:26:10
10.Challenges to Integrated National security Part 2 00:18:47
2.Security architecture in India
1.National level organisations for national security 00:15:48
2.Security forces for internal and external security (Part 1) 00:18:03
3.Security forces for internal and external security (Part 2) 00:18:55
4.National security architecture in India 00:21:39
5.Central armed police forces 00:09:00
6.Military modernization 00:13:42
3.Left wing extremism
1.Introduction to left wing extremism 00:15:54
2.Current trends in LWE 00:16:58
3.Factors responsible for rise of LWE 00:20:12
4.Issues in handling LWE 00:19:51
5.Police Reforms 00:25:23
6.LWE: Causes, concerns and way ahead 00:18:40
7.Activities carried out by Maoists 00:15:19
8.Genesys of LWE in India 00:19:13
9.Evolution of Policies by Government to tackle LWE 00:17:32
10.Effect of Maoist movement and response of the State 00:17:46
11.Operation Green Hunt- Part 1 00:17:46
12.Operation Green Hunt- Part 2 00:14:48
4.Border management and Coastal security
1.Security of International Borders 00:17:29
2.Guarding the international borders and Maritime security 00:17:46
3.Border management of international borders and LOC, LAC 00:13:38
4.Border disputes: India-China 00:13:48
5.Border disputes: India-Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh 00:23:40
6.Introduction to Coastal security 00:23:59
7.India’s coastal security 00:17:02
8.History of coastal security 00:16:29
9.Threats to India’s coastal line 00:16:09
10.National maritime and coastal security doctrine 00:14:47
11.Coastal security and coastal police 00:16:57
12.Forces operating in maritime domain 00:15:48
13.Other aspects of coastal security 00:16:20
14.Coastal security: Role of coastal states and other stakeholders 00:17:45
15.Security ports and offshore installations 00:20:24
16.Island terrorism 00:18:38
17.Fishermen’s role in coastal security 00:16:54
18.Review of coastal security and what should be done 00:12:12
19.Recommendations regarding Coastal security 00:16:33
20.Recommendations for management of Exclusive economic zone 00:16:18
21.Recommendations regarding training and legal aspects 00:16:38
22.Recommendations regarding Island territory 00:13:17
23.Use of technology, International best practices for coastal security 00:18:43
5.Issue of insurgency in Northeastern India
1.Intro to insurgency in Northeastern India 00:16:27
2.Cross border linkages of insurgency (Part 1) 00:22:23
3.Cross border linkages of insurgency (Part 2) 00:15:37
4.Naga peace talks 00:23:14
5.BODO peace accord 00:19:51
6.BRU refugee crisis 00:12:04
7.Northeastern India History and security challenges 00:15:59
8.Environmental factors of insurgency 00:16:03
9.Insurgency in Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram 00:15:00
10.Insurgency in Northeastern India and way ahead (Part 1) 00:14:44
11.Insurgency in Northeastern India and way ahead (Part 2) 00:16:42
12.National strategy to tackle insurgency 00:18:32
13.External influences in Northeastern India 00:14:12
14.External influences in Northeastern India : Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan 00:16:42
15.External influences in Northeastern India : China, Pakistan 00:17:02
16.Illegal immigration of Bangladeshis 00:13:35
17.Demographic invasion in the form on illegal immigrants from Bangladesh 00:17:51
18.History of illegal immigration before and after Independence 00:15:18
19.Modus operandi and Infiltration routes used by illegal immigrants 00:16:53
20.Challenges in stopping illegal immigration 00:16:47
21.Comprehensive plan for illegal immigration 00:17:03
1.Introduction (Part 1) 00:18:37
2.Introduction (Part 2) 00:26:27
3.Armed forces special powers act 00:19:49
4.Unlawful activities prevention (Amendment) act,2019 00:16:59
5.National investigation Agency (amendment) act 2019 00:13:15
6.Threats from Pakistan 00:17:00
7.India-Pakistan relations: Pakistan’s proxy war 00:17:51
8.Various terrorist organizations in Pakistan and their effects on India 00:18:56
9.Tackling Pakistan: What can he done 00:17:56
10.Multifaceted devil of terrorism 00:11:51
11.Proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir 00:13:21
12.History of proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir 00:15:54
13.Use of social media for agitational terrorism 00:16:07
14.Effects of agitational terrorism on comman Kashmiri citizens 00:16:48
15.Political process and Kashmiri citizens 00:17:27
16.Certain miscellaneous issues in Jammu and Kashmir 00:10:44
17.Miscellaneous issues: War on corruption and good governance initiatives 00:18:17
7.Technology and extremism
1.Technology and extremism: an Introduction 00:15:38
2.Cybersecurity (Part 1) 00:20:55
3.Cybersecurity (Part 2) 00:16:52
4.Cybersecurity (Part 3) 00:15:55
8.Money laundering
1.Money laundering 00:24:47
9.Space security
1.Weaponization of space 00:18:20
2.Mission Shakti 00:15:28
10.Nuclear security
1.India’s nuclear doctrine 00:16:19
2.Nuclear neighborhood and challenges to India’s security 00:15:50
11.Climate change
1.Climate change: A security challenge? 00:22:19

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